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Sliding Barn Doors

Adding a sliding barn door is one of the most powerful and unique ways to make an aesthetic impact within any space. Let us do a turn-key build + install on a sliding door(s) in your home or commercial space today! 


Our "Triple-Thick" sliding barn doors are client-facing on both sides of the door; meaning both sides have identical trim and design. They feature industry-leading charm and function, smooth faces, rounded edges, and the same outstanding finish and execution you can expect from any JWAC product. 


Installation is included! At JWAC, we know all about the (unassuming) complexities of planning, building, and installing a sliding barn door. We've been down this narrow road many times, and we are fully-insured for on-site installations. We will make sure that the entire custom-process, from your first clicks here through our final handshake, goes smoothly and safely for all!

Select your STYLE ....Select your SIZE...Select your FINISH...Select your OPTIONS....Click PURCHASE

We make it easy to build your entirely-custom, hand-crafted, sliding barn door!

Our Slding

Barn Doors

...where Function

meets Form

with utmost #elegance

Timeless Aesthetics

Stunning Finish Work

"Triple-Thick" 3-layer door

Trim on front and rear faces

 Kid-Safe, Rounded Edges

Made of solid-wood (only)

Matching Header Included

(Insured) Installation INCLUDED!


Robot  -   Factory  -   Handmade

  -3,000     0       10         400

Made in the USA.jpg

Doors of comparable-quality: $2,200-$3,500

   JWAC: Our doors start at just $2,100 INSTALLED!

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