We are excited to offer this new option to clients: seamless table tops made of kiln-dried woods, with quality hardwoods also being made available! Seamless tops will be comprised of jointed and seem-glued boards. Floating tenons (Dominos) will be added between boards for strength, with raw-metal bars inlaid and lag-bolted underneath the table to ensure that top stays straight and true for life. The result will be a completed smooth top with no seems. Also, please note that these tops will not include an apron on any of our models, except the Harvest Table, which will have an apron. Rather, on our trestle and truss models they will "float", with the top laying directly atop of the legs. 


Our seamless, kiln-dried, hardwood tops are available, as priced, for any size table top up to 8'L x 40". For larger sizes, or for legs made of any of these species as well, or if you would like to inquire about another species that is not listed below , please contact us for a custom quote.  


~ Poplar: $500

~ Ash: $750

~ White Oak: $1,100

~ Walnut: $1,680 


*Note: If there is another species of wood you would like to use, please contact us for a custom quote. Very likely, we can get the species you desire from our provider. 


Seamless & Hardwood Tops

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