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We've listed our oil-based sealant as an available upgrade, versus the standard water-based sealant. Both finishes offer amazing protection and daily ease-of-maintanence. Here are the differences between the two types of sealants, so that you can make an informed decision as to which type of sealant may be the best for you: 


~ Oil-based sealant adds a subtle warm, amber, glow to the overall color of the table. It will "warm up" your wood stain underneath. Think of pouring vegetable oil over a surface, and that is what it is like to think of an oil-based sealant and how it would affect the overall hue of the finished table versus a clear sealant laying atop of your wood stain. 

~ Oil-based sealant takes between 8-12 hours to cure enough that another coat can be prepped and placed atop of the previous coat.

~ Oil-based sealant has a bit more glossy sheen than a water-based sealant can have; more of a semi-gloss sheen. 

- OIl-based sealant cannot be sprayed without it first being thinned. Thus, we brush it on. 

- Oil-based sealant is bit more difficult to sand and re-finish later down the road, if this is needed. 

- Oil-based sealants are slightly harder and more resilient, on average, than water-based sealants, and generally lay down a bit thicker per-coat. 

- Oil-based sealants tend to lay down and cure much more flat than water-based sealants, creating a "slick" and plastic-look, such as an epoxy bar top. 



~ Water-based sealant dries completely clear, and thus does not affect the overall hue of the table, whatsoever. It will lay clear atop of the wood stain below. It is also available in a low-sheen "satin" finish, which is very close to a matte appearance. Satin/Matte tends to be the trending sheen choice in furniture these days, as it shows more of an organic and natural look to the lumber below. Water base sealant sprays very easily as-is, and is much easier to prep for re-coat if that is ever needed later on down the road. In terms of production, water-based sealants dry at a rate of about 2-hours per coat, making production times much more efficient for the craftsman versus using oil-based sealants. For all of these reasons, we have chosen to make our water-based sealant our standard sealant type, included within our base table prices. However, we still wanted to make oil-based sealant available here as an option for our clients, as there will always be a time and place for an oil-based finish. 

Oil-Based Sealant

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