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Our manual "Lumber Distressing", meant to emulate the patina found on elden or reclaimed lumber, is one of our client's favorite upgrades. We offer it in two different intensities: "Standard" and "Max". Adding either option is a great way to add a unique flavor to your piece, and simultaneously add plenty of character and "soul"! Additionally, as you can see from some of the portfolio examples above, combining the Lumber Distressing upgrade with the Single-tone Painted Shabby Chic or (especially) Dual-Tone Painted Shabby Chic is a wonderful and powerful aesthetic combination, as the combo really brings out the intensity of both upgrades.


Our distressing combines the use of several different processes/techniques to create the look of: wormholes, organic and "life happens" gashes/nicks/dings, as well as the circular saw marks commonly found on turn-of-the-century lumber saw mills.


**Important Note: All of our distressed pieces are meticulously sanded following distressing to create a smooth and safe surface. It's quite the juxtapositon in texture when complete, as the eye sees a rustic patina, yet the fingers feel a safe, smooth, and easy to maintain surface. 

Lumber Distressing

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