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Now avaialble in our JWAC Originals product line, our "Fancy Trestle" Dining Table is the first trestle table that we designed. The simple curved and classy lines of this model made it a client-favorite from the start, and it remains so to this day. Customization of this table, in terms of size/lumber/top/more finishing options can be ordered in our store, under the "Dining Tables & Benches" product link, as a standard fully-custom dining table. Sold with this product is the Dining Table ONLY. Bench is sold seperately, but it is shown in the product pictures here for reference of design and pairing, alone. 


Our JWAC Original version of this table includes the following: 

- Dimensions:  7'L & 40"W 

- Larger Dimensions Pricing

- Table Height: 30.5"T + Apron: 2.5" T underneath: Combo equals *plenty of leg-room*!

- Lumber: Dimensional Pine

- Finish: Minwax wood stain + Satin water-based sealant

- Stain Color: Choose from the following (5) popular Minwax stain shades: Special Walnut, Early American, English Chestnut, Dark Walnut, or Epresso

- Kid-Safe: All edges and corners are smooth and rounded; safe for lil' "mover & shakers"!

- Easy-Glide: Felt pads at each foot for easy/safe moving across hard-surface floors

- Easy-Move: Tables break down to two parts (top and legs) for easy + safe transport 

- Table Top: circa 6.75" wide boards, each cut straight at sides, for tight-fitting seams, with v-groove chamfer added to the side of each board, which makes cleaning in-between the grooves easier with "Breadboard-style" ends (perpendicular running boards at end of table).  

- Apron: features seamless miter-cuts at each corner; smooth aesthetic w/ no end grain

-----Other Details--------

- Client Pickup is included with price: at JWAC Studio, promplty following completion (Troutman, NC 28166). 

- Delivery & Setup: availble at an additional rate, by quote, to Greater-CLT area. 

- Long-Distance Delivery: we can work with uSHIP, but please CALL US prior to purchase!

- Lead Time: orders will be ready for pickup about 4-5 weeks from the time of order. 

- Clean-Up/Maintenance: our water-based sealant is a resilient and easy-to-maintain finish. It holds up great to daily use. It is also easy to top-sand and re-coat, if this is every desired/needed down the road. JWAC recommends a water + vinegar solution for routine cleaning. We cannot recommend using any chemical to clean atop of this finish. 

- Warranty: JWAC stands behind our work. If you encounter an issue with any piece we create, please contact us. We offer no formal warranty, aside from this simple statement. Nothing leaves our shop until it is up to our standards for quality, fitment, and finish, and meets the unique specifications of your order. In terms of stain/paint color: we make every effort to help you pick the correct color of your desire, and clients are always welcomed to schedule a time to come by our shop and view our color chart in person, if they like. However, we do not offer repairs or refunds if the color is not exactly as you would have hoped it would be. We do, however guarantee that we will accurately provide you with the color choice of the product that you select. Finally, please also read our Disclaimer Notice in the "Additional Info" section, which pertains to our no-refund policy + wood movement over time. When client's make purchases within our store, they do so while simultaneously agreeing to our Disclaimer Notice, and to all parts of our item description and polices. Please contact us before purchase if you have any questions about any of our products, timelines, or policies. 

JWAC Originals- Fancy Trestle 84" x 40" Dining Table

  • Following purchase, we will contact our client's to work with them directly on which of the (5) stain colors that they would like to pick from our available stain color choices in the "JWAC Originals" line. Note: client's must pick one of these five colors for this special discounted price we are making available for our JWAC Originals line. Available stain color choices are: Special Walnut, Early American, English Chestnut, Dark Walnut, and Espresso. From our years of furniture making, it has been our experience that these five stain colors are, by far, the most popular choices of our clients. 

  • All clients that hire JWAC for business do so while stating that they are in agreement with our Disclaimer Notice, which is set forth as follows...


    As this is custom work created for you and at your request, all sales are final, and no refunds will be given after the point of purchase, except in the case that JWAC is unable to complete your commission (due to severe illness or death). JWAC will make every effort to deliver a product that meets or exceeds your expectations and the details as described in our initial consultations, and to deliver your ordered commissions to you in as timely a manner as is possible. However, we will always emphasize quality over speed.


    Additionally, please understand that wood is a natural element, and that it will move over time. Even when lower-EMC lumber types are selected, such as kiln-dried and hardwood options, they are still an organic material and some movement over time is a possibility and should be expected. Regardless of the lumber type selected by the client, JWAC will always make every effort to select the finest available lumber for each project, and our commitment to quality and precision will be present in every piece that we create.

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