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Minwax "True Black" is exactly as it sounds: truly black in hue. Many client's are now beginning to request this stain more, as it creates a very modern and sheek aesthetic to both contemparary and rustic furniture! "True Black" is a very dark, beautiful, black stain with no warm hues; it is cool and straight-black. Note that, unlike paint, you will still see wood grain throughout, and that some of the natural warm tanins in the lumber below will still be evident, depending on the grain and the intensity of those natural colors found section-to-section in lumber.

24. True Black

  • Due to a system limitation, a "price" of $.01 has been added to each of our stain color choices. However, we have set a coupon-code that will automatically deduct this amount during the checkout process.

    We apologize for any confusion this system limitation may have caused. 

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