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Minwax "Ebony" is a very dark stain that is nearly black, but with a touch of warm hues still left therein. If you want nothing but black, choose "True Black", but if you still want a touch of warm hues left within the black, then "Ebony" is the perfect stain choice for you! 


**At current, we have no portfolio examples of this stain color choice, but your piece could become our first! We suggest Google'ing "Minwax Honey table" or similar, to help you get a large-scale idea of how this color choice might look on a finished piece of furniture, in different lightings, etc...**

23. Ebony

  • Due to a system limitation, a "price" of $.01 has been added to each of our stain color choices. However, we have set a coupon-code that will automatically deduct this amount during the checkout process.

    We apologize for any confusion this system limitation may have caused. 

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