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Select this option if you want to go ahead and place your order now and then decide on your color after-the-fact. We will contact you following your order to discuss your selection. Many client's take advantage of this option, as there will be a good amount of time while you are waiting in our commissions project queue (typically 6-8 weeks) for us to work with you on narrowing down your color selection prior to your build commencing. If you are local or close-by, you are certainly welcome to schedule an appointment with us here at the JWAC Studio during this queue wait time, where you can come and see our full color chart onsite. If you are in this boat, undecided: one of the advantages of ordering now and deciding later on your color after-fact is that you queue position will be secured at the time of your order. While our orders-recieved are non-rhythmic, waiting even a day or so to decide on color before ordering could mean weeks, or even months, difference in your final delivery time! Color selection can be a labor of love for some. So, selecting this option gives you greater flexibility, and makes the custom process easier. We are all about anything that makes the custom ordering process easier and more effiecient for our clients!

1.Color TBD

  • Due to a system limitation, a "price" of $.01 has been added to each of our stain color choices. However, we have set a coupon-code that will automatically deduct this amount during the checkout process.

    We apologize for any confusion this system limitation may have caused. 

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