Our Story

"Jesus Was a Carpenter"  is a small, family-owned, private business. We love our country and the opportunities for entrepreneurship that living in America provides. Seeking to create a success story of our own, and one that would glorify our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we launched this business and named it after the One who gave us such a vision. 

Taylor Family Portrait

We officially began in the summer of 2017, selling farmhouse table sets out of a small booth that we rented inside a local antique mall. During this time my wife, Leanna, and I worked to capture the current custom-furniture market and what would be our brand within it. We wanted a relevant style, but we also wanted to create pieces that would be timeless in both their appearance and functionality. Pictured-left is the first dining set that we built and placed for sale in our booth. Rather encouragingly, the set sold within just a few days. During that same short span of time, we began receiving requests from folks who saw this set and wanted the same craftsmanship, but in a different size/finish/style. From there, things took off rather quickly. This "Fancy Trestle" design pictured here became our most popular client-choice, and still remains so to this date. 

JWAC Booth at Antique Mall

Working out of a small 9x12 shed, we started this business with fairly humble beginnings. I (Daniel), at that point was still working within an entirely different full-time profession during the day.

I spent many late-nights, early-mornings, and weekends wiggling my way around the perimeter of our assembly table as I sanded the edges and corners of custom furniture within this cozy building. During this time, Leanna continued as head "style-consultant" and began our social media presence on Facebook.

Original JWAC Shop _ Inside
Original JWAC Shop
Daniel in Old Shop

An order for a new shop was placed at the end of that same year. The new shop was over twice the size of the previous space, and featured several key upgrades, such as insulation + a specified electrical setup. We also constructed an "Outdoor Workstation", which further expanded our operational space + abilities. 

JWAC New Shop _ Wall Cladding
JWAC New Shop | Delivery
Outdoor Workstation
JWAC New Shop _ Completed

During the next year of business, we took on many different custom commissions, expanding far beyond the realms of dining sets. While experience has shown us that having a set and concise group of standard product offerings is most profitable and efficient, we also want to be a business that can step out and create a client's unique vision, whenever we are able to do so. Pictured are some of our most challenging one-off visions to-date. Each of these clients came to us with specific goals; a product that could only be made custom. 

British Telephone Booth Wine Rack.jpg
Custom Coffee Table
Office Desk _ Antique White Wash + Espre

In the fall of 2018, and after much prayer, we decided to step out in faith and leave our full-time profession to begin working our JWAC business full-time. I handed my keys back to the amazing janitorial/landscape company that I had been working for as a Janitorial Operations Manager at a local college. I made many amazing friends while I was there. It was a difficult decision to make, but it was the Lord's plan. Step one was to find a new vehicle. We found "Leroy the Lariat" for sale locally and brought him home. He had all the goods: rustic patina + a long bed + plenty of style. If we deliver to you locally, you'll get to see ole' Leroy. He cruises SO smoothly, but does stay thirsty!

Daniel | Return the Keys

In late-2018, JWAC began receiving requests from local custom homebuilders to install sliding doors within their client's homes. Since "barn door" installs are a uniquely-complex task, it is often attractive for contractors to

sub-contract out this type of work to companies like us that specialize in sliding doors. We continue to build our network of homebuilders, and we are always looking to make new connections with builders in our area.

Contact Us to start that conversation!

Custom Home 3
Custom Home 6
Custom Home 2
Custom Home 4
Built-In Work 1
Custom Bar 3

Near the end of 2018, we started to get requests for custom built-in woodwork, as client's wanted our same artisan-level craftsmanship within their home's permanent fixtures, as well. 

Side Cabinet 1
Custom Bar
Built-In Work 2

2019 brought about a great deal more commercial work for us. JWAC is committed to providing our commercial clients with unique and captivating woodwork that establishes their brand in a way that only custom craftsmanship can!

STR Crew
Exodus Health
Charlotte Pools
STR Doors

In the spring of 2019, and out of the abundance that is in the Father's blessings and love, JWAC began partnering with "The Father's Table Food Bank", donating a portion of each of our sales to go towards helping them in their mission to feed those in need within our local community. 

The Father's Table Food Bank

This is our story, so far. We are excited about what is in store for the rest of 2019 and beyond: more tooling, new skill sets developed, new designs, and building more relationships! 

While the rest of our story remains untold, we place it entirely into the hands of the Father, who is good and is True, and is working all things for His Glory.