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Family & Referral Programs

JWAC Family Discount

All of our customers become extended family to us; part of our "JWAC Family". 

Returning customers get 10% off of all their own future purchases, for life! 

(not transferable. Sorry, bad joke!)

Referral Program

That being said, anyone can refer a client to us, whether they are current customers themselves or not. We ask all incoming client's what or who brought them to us, or if anyone specific referred them to us. If they were referred by an individual, we are happy to share one $50-off coupon code or discount with that individual, for each (hired) client they send. There are also no limits on the amount of referral coupons someone can receive for referrals. So, technically, you could refer your way to a free table, or a barn door, or whatever!


You can also save 5% off your first purchase, simply by signing up for our Newsletter!

See the link at the bottom of our page below to sign up. 

It's simple, and we won't spam you with massive amounts of email. 

Our intent is to send out a quality Newsletter, near-monthly. 


         Returning client's AND referrals are the bee's knees!

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