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EXACTLY what you want!

Many of our client's find us after having spent countless hours scavenging through major online retailers and "big box stores" trying to find their perfect size and finish options, only to realize they have come up short in their search for a piece that meets each of their demands for soul, style, function, and fitment. If this is you, please call a local craftsman! Even if you don't call us, call another one; but call one!


Not only does hiring a local craftsman help their own private business and family, but a local craftsman has the ability to supply you with the perfect piece for your space, in terms of the exact fitment and finish you desire; not "almost" or "just good enough". So, this is our plug to convince you to call a local craftsman, even if that is not us. But, alas, it is our job here to convince you to hire JWAC :) And so...

~ All of our pieces have soul, and lots of it! 

~ All of our pieces are sized TO THE INCH per our customer's desires. 

~ All of our pieces have rounded corners and edges that are kid-safe. 

~ All of our pieces are finished on the under + back sides. No sloppy hidden places

~All of our pieces have felt pads on their leg bottoms. Easy-move; Non-Scratching

~We have a full Minwax color chart in our Studio. Client's can come by and choose the exact color they want, versus solely basing their choice off of a web image. 

~ It's not unusual for us to have circa 10 emails & 100 texts per commission. We DO custom!

Why search the web and stores for a soul-less, machine-made or mass-manufactured piece when you can have a custom-crafted heirloom piece that is detailed, unique, and hand-crafted to be EXACTLY what YOU want and need?

Visit our online Store and build your own today, or if you don't find your perfect piece there, fill out our Custom Commission Inquiry Form on our Inquiries page (form also linked below). 


Custom Commission Inquiry Form 

Color Chart
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