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Dining Tables & Benches

At JWAC, we aspire to place a premier, heirloom-quality, dining set within everyone's reach. By offering several timeless designs & baseline-features, alongside multiple finish and upgrade options, we have streamlined the processes needed to offer our clients an entirely-custom, handmade table, at a fraction of the cost of most high-end furniture producers.


We place an extremely high level of detail into every inch of our tables and benches. They are solid, classic, everyday practical, and feature character that only a hand-made artisan piece can have. They breakdown and move easily, and slide safely and effortlessly across hard floors via felt foot pads we install on each foot. We carefully round every corner and edge to make them safe for the young ones in your life today....or those still yet to come.


When it comes to the family table: the place where loved ones gather and make generational memories: make a wise investment in a quality piece that will become a lasting centerpiece within your home. 

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We make it easy to build the table of your dreams!

Poplar Harvest Table #2.JPG


X-Factor _ RMC Charcoal


Smith Fancy Trestle.JPG

"Fancy Trestle"

X Factor

"Modern Vector"


"Traditional Truss"

Dining Bench

Matching Benches

Pictured-above are our current standard table-style offerings. They are each customizable in terms of fit and finish. Don't see a style you like?: Contact us, or fill out one of our Custom Commission Inquiry Forms, and let's discuss what we can build for you, entirely custom!

Timeless Aesthetics


Stunning Finish Work

Felt-padded feet protect floors

Smooth, easy-clean tops

Local Delivery + Setup Available!

Kid-Safe, Rounded Corners

Made of solid-wood (only)


Tables of comparable-quality: $3,500

JWAC: Table's within our new "JWAC Originals" line

of products start at just $1,675!!

Made in the USA.jpg

Robot  -   Factory  -   Handmade

  -3,000     0       10         400

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