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Many clients contact us looking for custom desk and kiosk solutions for their home or commercial use.

JWAC can craft a desk, kiosk, cash desk, or any large scale piece to suite your own unique needs. Each piece that we create is a functional work of art that is meant to not only drive the productivity and workflow within your space, but also to fortify your individual style and company brand.

 A custom desk sets a powerful tone. Give us a call today, and let's get started,

or fill out our Custom Commissions Inquiry Form located on our Inquiries page!  

"Janie" Standing Desk/Kiosk

"Vanguard" Office Desk

Custom Desk: Modern + Rustic Blend

Custom Desk: 2-person; Modern-Farm

Timeless Aesthetics

Height-adjustable, felt, foot pads

Stunning Finish Work

 Kid-Safe, Rounded Edges

Made of solid-wood (only)

Particle-Board Free!

Sturdy, over-built, chassis

No "assembly required"


Robot  -   Factory  -   Handmade

  -3,000     0       10         400

 Desks of comparable-quality: < $3,500

JWAC: Our custom office desks start at just $649.99!

*No gimmicky-sales ~ Same low-prices, everyday! *

Contact Us:

Daniel Taylor | Owner & Artisan​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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