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"Training up the NEXT" 

Barn Door Giveaway!

Official Contest Details & Rules

**Note: Once you have entered our Contest, the menu on the contest page will only display your progress through the activities, and it no longer states the original contest details and rules. Thus, we have created this page so that our contest entrants can view them anytime. If you have any questions about our contest, please feel free to contact us directly at, and thank you for entering! 


JWAC is dedicated to helping raise up the next generation of craftsmen! For our first ever give away, we are training two young men, Grant and Luke, to help JWAC build and GIVE AWAY one "Classic" model barn door + installation (valued at $1,200), and some other great prizes packages, to our followers! This is our way of "Training Up the NEXT" generation of craftsmen to take our place AND to THANK YOU, our wonderful JWAC followers, for your steadfast support of our products and business here at Jesus Was a Carpenter.


Notes about our Apprentices for this build: These two young men have both shown much interest and promise in learning the craft of carpentry.

  • GRANT MASON is the son of Yolonda Mason, a local JWAC follower who contacted us this fall to see if Grant could come by our Studio and learn a bit from us. Grant has been building things in his garage, all self-learned, for a few years now. He even has his own YouTube channel! His interest in carpentry appears to be God-given. Nothing can break his focus when he is in his "workshop"! His parents aspire to nurture his talents in this area in any way that they can.

  • LUKE TAYLOR is the son of JWAC's Owner and Craftsman, Daniel Taylor, and so he get's it honest! Luke is always building something. His favorites are race cars, or anything that has to do with Super Mario Bros.! Luke is a task-finisher. Once a "project" has begun for him, it MUST be finished. If more duct/painters/masking tape is required, he will hunt his grand-daddy down next door to acquire more, or pivot-course and figure out a new material/way/path. Luke is a "man of his resources"!


We will work alongside these young men, ensuring they learn each step of the process in building one of our "Triple-Thick" sliding barn doors. We will ensure that our standards of quality are learned by them and achieved at each step of the way (Don't worry: Sean and I will handle all of the cutting and saw work!). JWAC (Daniel and Sean only; for insurance purposes) will then deliver and install the barn door for you at your residence or business. Thus, we are truly giving away a "turn-key" barn door! (*please see additional Contest Notes below).


While only ONE winner will receive our Grand Prize of a free barn door + install, (3) total Winners will be drawn at the end of this contest (*see Price Packages below).


The contest ends at 11:00pm on 12/22. Our WINNERS will be announced the following morning, on Christmas Eve-Eve day (12/23/19). Contest prize packages are shown below. Enter and come back here daily to keep earning points!! The more points you earn, the better your chances are of winning!


  • Grand Prize package: (1) "Classic" Model Barn Door + Installation (*see notes below re: sizing, distance, and finish), PLUS a set of JWAC Coasters, PLUS a JWAC t-shirt!

  • Runner Up package: A set of (4) JWAC "Coasters with the Most'ers", PLUS a JWAC T-Shirt; includes free-delivery via USPS!

  • Runner Up-Up package: A JWAC T-Shirt; includes free-delivery via USPS!


Notes about our Grand Prize Barn Door:

  • Our Grand Prize includes a standard-sized (up to 36" wide barn door, for a 7-foot tall doorway) "Classic" model barn door, which will include: a matching headerboard for the track to mount to, single-color Minwax wood stain & gun-sprayed water-based sealant, all standard black straps/track/hardware for the door (sans handle), and our professional and insured installation (within 15-miles of the JWAC studio).

  • Our winner will also have the option to purchase upgrades for their door in any of the following ways: Door sizing (larger width and/or height than the standard sizings described above); front/rear handle; a different trim design than our "Classic" model (such as our Arrow or Vanguard trim models); lumber distressing, a hand painted "was"h or gun-sprayed paint (instead of stain), any additional distance for delivery/install beyond 15 miles from the JWAC Studio (our studio is located in Mooresville, NC; zip 28115).

  • We will work with you in regard to additional pricing/payment after prizes are drawn. If a larger door, or any of the above upgrades, are needed/desired by our Grand Prize winner, they can accept our additional rates for the upgrades, or they can chose to forfeit their Grand Prize Package and exchange prize packages with the Runner Up. All of our pricing and upgrades information in regard to our barn doors can be found within our e-Store, in the Barn Doors and Barn Door Upgrades pages. (

  • Our Grand Prize barn door will be constructed and installed during the first quarter of 2020.


*DISCLAIMER 1: TIMELINE FOR AWARD ACCEPTANCE*: Our following base will be anxious to hear who the winners of this contest are on 12/23/19! Thus, we will contact each winner on the morning of the 23rd. We will then allow each winning contestant until 3:00pm that day to respond to us and claim their winning entry. After this point, if we have not yet heard from you OR if we are unable to finalize arrangements for any additional pricing needed/desired for door upgrades and/or sizing, the Grand Prize winning entrant will thusly forfeit their Grand Prize, and switch prize packages with the Runner Up. The above protocol applies to all winning slots, not just for the Grand Prize winner.


**DISCLAIMER 2: DISTANCE FROM JWAC STUDIO**: We have setup this contest with the intention that the Grand-Prize winner will be located within 60 miles of the JWAC studio (in Mooresville, NC; zip 28115). Additional distance beyond 15 miles will need to be compensated to JWAC by the winner (up to a distance of 60 miles from our Studio). But, If the winner is beyond this distance of 60 miles, they can either: work out compensation with JWAC to have us travel beyond this distance for the installation (this will be a handsome total, likely), OR they can pickup the door at our Studio + Install themselves, OR they can pay to have the door packaged and shipped by a freight company to their location + have another professional in their area to install the door: all at their own cost + risk. If a winner is unable/willing to do the above options, they will forfeit their Grand Prize entry, and they will then swap places with the Runner Up, and be given the Runner Up prize package, instead.

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