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The JWAC Difference

Quality > Quantity

In keeping true to our Mission Statement, everything that we create has to meet all three of our design criteria: Unique, Timeless, and Durable. We spend a great amount of time to ensure that every area of our work, even the places that someone may never see, is finished to an extremely high-grade of detail and design. The same holds true for our service, as well. We seek to be a

God-honoring business, in all that we do. 

Please see the slideshow below, which shows the progression of a singular commission; one that we completed for a local commercial client. We hope that this gives you an example of the level of detail that goes into every commission that is produced from the JWAC studio and brand.


As I have encouraged other creators via our YouTube series "The Aspiring Woodworker", we don't believe an artist needs a physical branding iron to "brand" a piece. Rather, we first developed our: expectations, design, finish, and overall-aesthetic into our brand before we ever began stamping JWAC pieces with an actual iron. Our goal is to create work that is instantaneously recognized as a "Jesus Was A Carpenter piece". 

"Sing to Him a new song. Play skillfully, and shout for joy." 

- Psalm 33:3

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