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Our "Classic" Sliding Barn Door is our version of the classic, early-American, barn door. A timeless design that never goes out of style!


All of our doors are what we like to call "triple-thick"; meaning, they feature 3 layers of lumber, for a total thickness of 2.25" (versus most barn doors that are 1.5" thick). Thus, both the front and the rear fascias of our doors are trimmed with the same design. This gives the door a beefy look, as well as a sturdy design. It also ensures that both sides of the door is (aesthetically) "client-facing". 


Base Price includes the following: 

- Header-Board: includes a matching finish header for the track to mount to!

- Installation: pro, insured, installation! A turn-key price: build + install. 

- Delivery: within LKN-area, or 15 miles, included

- Longer Delivery Options: within 30 miles of 28115 (+$50); within 50 miles (+$100)

- Track + Pulley Hardware: standard, matte-black, basic hardware kit w/ floor guide for door. 

- **Handle Not included: we do not include a handle install with base price

- Handle Option: Front/Rear Combo Set available in Barn Door Upgrades Page

- Hardware Finish and/or Pulley Design Upgrades: available in the Barn Door Upgrades Page

- Height: Sized to fit a standard, circa-83"T doorway

- Height Upgrade: Circa-95"T doorway (+$125)

- Width: Sized to fit a standard doorway, any size up to 35"W

- Width Upgrades: 36-45"W doorway (+$125); 46-55"W doorway (+$225)

- Lumber: Pine; *Tongue + Groove boards feature a flat-face front, and beadboard-look rear. 

- Finish: Minwax wood stain in color of client's choosing + Satin water-based sealant

- Stain Color: 24-colors available; choose in our "Stain Color Selector" Page

- Other Upgrades: Lumber Distressing & Paint/Shabby Chic in Barn Door Upgrades Page

- Kid-Safe: All edges and corners are smooth and rounded; safe for lil' "mover & shakers"!

-----Other Details--------

- Build Time: approximately 1.5 weeks from start of our build time until complete + installed! 

- Current Work Queue: We are typically booked out 6-8 weeks. We will contact you after you order to discuss your estimated wait time, or if the wait time will be longer than this. Our next queue position is locked in for a client at their point of purchase. Feel free to call us prior to purchase if you have any questions in this regard. 

- Clean-Up/Maintenance: our water-based sealant is a resilient and easy-to-maintain finish. It holds up great to daily use. It is also easy to top-sand and re-coat, if this is every desired/needed down the road. JWAC recommends a water + vinegar solution for routine cleaning. We cannot recommend using any chemical to clean atop of this finish. 

- Warranty: JWAC stands behind our work. If you encounter an issue with any piece we create, please contact us, and we will make every effort to repair or replace. We offer no formal warranty, aside from this simple statement. Nothing leaves our shop until it is up to our standards for quality, fitment, and finish, and meets the unique specifications of your order. In terms of stain/paint color: we make every effort to help you pick the correct color of your desire, and clients are always welcomed to schedule a time to come by our Studio and view our Color Chart in person, if they like. However, we do not offer repairs or refunds if the color is not exactly as you would have hoped it would be. We do, however guarantee that we will accurately provide you with the color choice of the product that you select. Finally, please also read our Disclaimer Notice in the "Additional Info" section, which pertains to our no-refund policy + wood movement over time. When client's make purchases within our store, they do so while simultaneously agreeing to our Disclaimer Notice, and to all parts of our item description and polices. Please contact us before purchase if you have any questions about any of our products, timelines, or policies. 

"Classic" Sliding Barn Door

  • After you choose your perfect Barn Door + notate your dimensions, add it to your cart.


    Then, head over to our Stain Color Selector page to choose your favorite wood stain, or for details about how you can easily wait and make this decision after-purchase.


    Finally, with your stain color choice added to your cart, head over to our Barn Door Upgrades Page to check out more ways to further customize your door!

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